7 Ways You May Be Emasculating Your Man


1. Belittle what he does for a living.

Today, like 1000 years ago, who a man is has been directly tied to what he does for a living i.e. a baker, blacksmith, shepard or financial analyst. If you don’t respect what he does for a living, you need to end it. But if you decide to stick around, know that belittling his profession is like laughing at the size of his penis. His feelings will be hurt and he is going to resent you.

2. Make his salary an issue.

If there’s one thing a man loves to hear from his lady, it’s her displeasure with how much cash he brings home. No. Not really. That sounds absurd because it is. So is the scene it depicts. Everyone has their own goals when it comes to getting paid and even if the two of you are sharing a common bank roll, making his current earning potential a spinoff of any conversation is not cool. It’s also completely ineffective even if you feel like you have a good point.

3. Ask him for help, then do it your way.

In an adult relationship, your man is your partner, above all else. If the two of you were equal partners in a business, each would need to be responsible for his or her own job in order to be successful. Your relationship works the same way. Obviously, entrusting someone to do something, then circumventing their efforts to do it yourself is textbook undermining. In a relationship, you’re undermining his entire manhood.

4. Yell and fight in public.

The only thing worse than a child acting out in public is a woman acting out in public. Everyone already assumes it’s the guy’s fault and just about anything he does looks bad. He could run, but then he looks like an idiot. He could be the calm and collective one, but then you’ll probably just get louder or mush him. He could yell back, but then he just looks like a bigger jerk. Caught between a rock and a hard place, he might as well just put his balls on a platter.

5. Micromanage his every move.

Never in the history of manhood has a guy ever liked being bossed around. The right of every man is to do what the hell he wants. It’s bad enough he has to give up that freedom in the name of love and now you’re forcing him to relive that sacrifice with every decision he tries to make. That’s just cruel.

Yes. Cruel. Like asking him to move a heavy piece of furniture from one side of the room to the other, on his day off, then hovering about critiquing, instructing him where to grab and how to lift? It’s like a form of slavery.

6. Asking another guy to do it better.

Men are naturally territorial and that includes the things and jobs he’s responsible for. They take pride in rising to the challenge and saving the day, because that’s what men do. If the roof needs fixing and he’s not a roof-fixer per say, any other man will respect the fact that he got up there and got it done anyway. Women don’t get that. She’s ready to call someone she deems better qualified for the task.

Maybe there is someone better qualified but if it’s your man’s job, it’s his responsibility to ask for help. How would you feel if he called his mom, obviously a more qualified woman than you, to supplant your deeds?

7. Acting like he has no feelings

Men can be just as sensitive as women, especially if you push the right buttons. By no means should you have to tip toe around an issue to voice your feelings or opinion but likewise, you don’t need to go extra hard to share your displeasure around his shortcomings. Sometimes we get so comfortable with our partners, you express criticisms to them that would never say to a stranger or colleague.

Examples of this are too numerous to mention but suffice to say, verbal abuse is real and is as easily dished out by women as it is to men. Sure, he may brush it off, take it in stride but deep down resentment and insecurities fester until they surface in some way you are sure not to like.

any of these are reasons to leave a woman. any. i get a sniff of any of these and i’m gone. too old to teach another grown ass human how to act right haha.

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Every damn time..

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literally the only time in my life i pull out the pout 

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interesting that Fury’s still in it too.

Looks like we are going to Russia.

I like the Cap costume. 

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"The worst thing about the Internet is that it has empowered the ignorant and the dumbest in our society."

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this is how americans celebrate 4th of july in london 


-sound of bumbling angry british persons in the distance-

Like you would know what real tea is, you stole it from the Asians

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I used to love this cartoon! One of the few cartoons made from a movie that was actually good on its own.

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